Friday, November 2, 2012

Omerta - Chinmoku no Okite BL sexy videos coming soon~


 though you don't have to be 18 to play >:D ehehe
Ufufufu Fluffy's dirty paws knows no limits!! BWAhAhAH I finally finally have it!! Prepare for the world's most wonderful sasuage fest!

I want to hear them have sex... so..bad... T^T RIGHT NAO! For mah lovely subscribers and followers~ Fluffy has a treat >:3 I am going to upload video gameplays for this game...SEXY videos...JJ's nice perky round ass and pixelated dickies are included in this package ohooho~

If you want the game to yourself, ya can download here~
Fluffy killed 2 days to download the game and reupload the parts! I traded my soul to the devil to see guys butt fuck... I regret nothing.

Omerta - Chinmoku no Okite Yaoi BL Game Download w/ Patch (2.92 GB)
Parts 1-14: 200 MB
Part 15: 194 MB

Join with HJSplit or 7zip

Part 1 || Part 9
Part 2 || Part 10
Part 3 || Part 11
Part 4 || Part 12
Part 5 || Part 13
Part 6 || Part 14
Part 7 || Part 15
Part 8 |
This is my own supplied link, please report if the links are broken so I can fix.
I also uploaded them to YaoiOtaku and Aarinfantasy forums since the links are broken there.
You can download links all at once.

(Your computer has to be in Japanese to run this game correctly) I installed the game on my Windows 7 so I don't know if it is the same for Windows XP.

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