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Lucky Dog 1 BL Game 18+ Scene

L U C K Y  D O G  1
Pairing: IvanxGian

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SUBS: Taken from Terracannon876/    

I wake up to a kick in my back and the thought “Again?” swirling through my head.

It was a short but deep sleep, so I feel refreshed.  No damage from the fatigue and booze either.  Oh, I suppose I am a bit thirsty, though.

Ivan’s started to put some strength behind his jabs.

My back hurts.  I pick myself up, mind full of complaints about how the whole thing’s such a pain.  Careful to avoid waking the others, I hurry after Ivan and leave the cabin…   
Gian: What do you want, Ivan?

Ivan: …Thought I’d return the favor, for last night.

Oh yeah, I did spit out something like that as I left last night, didn’t I?
Gian: I appreciate the sentiment, but your words are quite enough.  …If that’s all, I’m leaving.
When I try to step past him, he gets in my way, his body quickly blocking off my route.

I feel my irritation rising.  What the hell does he want?

Ivan: Get with it.  Take off your pants.  This is an order.
Gian: Take off my …  Huh?  You mean me?

Ivan: I’ll be the one ‘servicing’ you today.

…Is this a joke?

Thinking he wants to give me a blowjob, I freeze for an instant.
Gian: Don’t want one…

Ivan: Just strip already!

Come onnn, seriously?!  What kind of trap is this?  He’s not going to bite me, is he?

Ivan kneels down and pulls down my pants.  H-He’s serious?!

Shame on me, he manages to slide my pants down to my knees while I’m still taken off-guard.
Gian: …Urk…
Watching me and mine, Ivan snorts irritably.
Ivan: Open your legs.  You’re … too high!  Stick your hips out a little.

Still standing, Ivan orders me as his hand reluctantly approaches my penis.  Apparently, this isn’t just empty barking. Is he planning a handjob?
Gian: Excuse me for having long legs!

The least I can do is shoot back a snarky comment as I obey his orders.  It’s a strangely embarrassing pose.

Ivan: You’re always screwing around…

Is he going to grab…  Just as I think this, Ivan reaches for my sacks.
Gian: Ugh…

He lifts them.  I’m afraid he’ll crush them.

Ivan: Heh, you shrinking?

Without touching my shaft, his finger leaves my balls and moves even further in.
Gian: Huh … what?!  Hey, wait!

By the time I notice, it’s already too late.
Gian: What are you sticking—  Stop!  Guh…!

Ivan sticks his finger up my ass.

I back up, mostly unconsciously, but the finger follows without pulling out.  My back hits the tree.  I can’t move any further.

Ivan: Don’t struggle.  You do, I’ll gouge you out.

He threatens me as his finger slowly sinks in further.  I hate it, but I can’t do a thing against him.

I can feel the moment when the second knuckle of Ivan’s middle finger sinks in.
Gian: Pull it…  Ow, hey!  That’s nasty…!
I raise my voice, but he still tries to forcibly push his way in.  The fierce friction of the dry finger ruthlessly shoving its way in causes pain to run through the area.

Ivan: Quit complaining, it’s just one finger.  You’ve had bigger things stuck up here before!

Gian: I’ve never bottomed!

Ivan: Really…?
I’m pretty annoyed when Ivan whispers this as though it’s completely unexpected.

Ivan: …Still, when you were first thrown into prison, the guards checked this place to make sure you weren’t hiding anything, right?

Gian: Same goes for you!

Ivan: D-Don’t bring it up and remind me!

Ivan starts wiggling the finger buried inside me.

Gian: Ow … Augh…!
I’m in agony from pain and something else.  With my dick being stimulated from the other side, a hazy sort of pleasure, different from the pain of having my insides clawed out, is being born.

Gian: Stop … that … feels weird… ah!

Ivan: That’s a funny voice you’ve got the—  Whoa!  You’re starting to get hard, too!  You’re feeling it from the ass?

Gian: Ch-Chalk it up to biological reaction…
When he presses against a certain place on my inner walls, ecstasy uncoils and seeps through me.  I’m still in the weird pose, with my hips sticking out, being toyed with by Ivan’s finger.

Ivan: Here?  …Hm, looks like this is the place.

Checking my reaction, Ivan’s finger gets more and more accurate.
Gian: Stop, Ivan!  Ngh … guh…!

Ivan: Quit it with that erotic expression!  You homo…!

Gian: Back at you … agh…  Stop…!
Standing takes everything I’ve got.  I’m even about to lose the energy to trade words with him.  It’s all because of the pleasure, all too much, of having my prostate teased by someone else’s finger.

It’s not the same kind of stimulation as someone playing with my dick.  This one spreads, trickles out.  The after-waves of bliss lap at me, from hips up past my bellybutton, and down past my knees.

Ivan: Are you feeling it?  I’m servicing you here, so you should give me a big thanks, hm?

Gian: …Stop … already…!
I say this, but if he really did stop, I’d be the one in trouble.

More … more … I want to cum.  The heavy weight of my lust prevents me from thinking anything else.  I can’t fight back.

My hips start spontaneously shuddering.  My dick is standing higher and higher by the inch.  I want to grab it, but I can’t do it in front of Ivan.

I don’t care if he’s teasing me or whatever, I just want him to touch my dick once.  If he does, I could cum immediately…

Ivan: No one’s touching you and you’re already throbbing like a drum!  …Let’s see how you like this…!

Ivan bends his finger inside me.  The tip of the hook takes aim at the walnut-sized pulsating sweet spot inside me.

If he pushes with everything he’s got…  If he does…

Ivan: Here, right?  You want me to press here?  …Say it.

Gian: Urgh…!
I can’t stand it anymore and I start moving on my own.  Just once!  Just once is enough.  I just need Ivan’s finger to hit the spot.

The final jolt I’d been waiting for runs through my abdomen.

Gian: …Ngaah…!

I cum without giving Ivan any warning and surprise him.

Ivan: Uwagh!  Don’t just cum out of the blue!

The white liquid that suddenly flies from my tip sprays onto Ivan.  He pulls out the finger deeply embedded into my ass, leaving my bottom half feeling strangely empty.
Gian: …Aah…  I’m still going…  Haah, nngh…
My orgasm continues for an unexpectedly long period of time.  It really is true, what they say about getting it from this end.  You really do go off like a hose.

Ivan: …Shit, you got it all over me!  Fuck!

Gian: Like I … give a damn…

Ivan waits for my panting to slow down.  He’s waiting for the perfect time to throw in some insults.

Of course, I want to avoid that, if possible.

…I hop up as fast as I can, and beam him an unnaturally bright smile as I shake him off.

Gian: Would you look at that, that was some jizzing!  Man, I really went!  Really, Ivan, thank you soo much for giving the magic healing touch!

Ivan: …Wha?

I don’t let an ounce of bother appear on my face and continue on cheerfully.
Gian: They do say that stimulating your prostate is good for erectile dysfunction.  Little Gian here hasn’t been up to par, lately…  Must be all the stress.

Of course, not being able to get stiff is a big, fat lie.  For convenience.  I’m a five-star actor here.
Gian: Thank you ever so much!  Can’t believe you’re doing this all for me!  Grazie milione!

Ivan watches me with “What the fuck is he talking about?” written all over his face.  I shower him with words, not giving him time to cut in.
Gian: …Oh oh oh, if it ever gets this bad again, I’ll be sure to ring you up!  You’re pretty good.  You know, though, even if I am future boss, going this far to ‘service’ me is kinda…

Ivan: No!  Who would…!  That’s not what’s going on!  That’s not what I…

Gian: What?  You’re saying you wouldn’t do it for me again?

Ivan: …Like I would!  Never again!

I tilt my head with a small pout and, probably because he can’t stand anymore of this, Ivan hurries back into the shadow of the trees at a small run.

Managed to avoid that dilemma, yeah.

But, the strange feeling centered around my ass doesn’t disappear.  It’s like a door I was better off leaving closed has been opened…
Gian: It did feel good, but, shit, my ass hurts…

Is this what it feels like to play catcher…?

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