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Lucky Dog 1 BL Game 18+ Scene

  L U C K Y  D O G  1
Pairing: No pairing

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…That night, Bernardo was killed.

He was attacked in the showers, lynched by a mob.  Their numbers overwhelmed him and, in the end, they snapped his neck.

The last I’d seen of Bernardo was him heading down to the shower room.

When I’d heard this, I was speechless for a good long while.  I’d been in the showers, indulging myself one last time before preparing for the escape.

The ones who’d attacked Bernardo were Grave Digger hoodlums who’d been quiet up until now.

The GD’s assault on Bernardo was a declaration of war on the CR:5.  Luchino quickly took charge and tried to grasp and reorganize the CR:5’s forces in the prison.

…But, it was already too late.

Many of the made members had already burned off their tattoos with cigarette butts and jumped ship.  Switched over to GD’s side.

Ivan had followed suit as well.  He’d been reading the situation for quite some time, apparently, and had swiftly washed his hands of the CR:5.

Luchino and I continued to resist on these unfair grounds, but in time, Luchino was transferred as well and taken somewhere else.

I don’t know if he was transferred to where Giulio was being held.  The influence of CR:5 was ripped to shreds in this prison, and…

…what awaited me were days upon days of being used as a toy by inmates with too much unresolved libido.

There’s no one left to stand up for me against the GD.  In a world controlled by them, I’m treated less than human.

It’s even questionable whether I’ll be able to get out of the prison alive one day.
Gian:  Ah … guk…

The third person enters me and the sticky sound of flesh rubbing up against each other echoes through the room.
Gian: Uu … guh!  Not … so suddenly…!

Prisoner 3: That’s quite some cheek you’ve got there!  Don’t worry, we’ll be takin’ goooood care of ya, just like always.  You won’t be makin’ a peep after we’re through with ya!

Gian: Hah, with your skills— Aah!  Uwaah!!
I feel the two-person’s worth of fluid that’d already been mercilessly shot inside me froth.  The guy’s reckless banging, in and out, in and out, churns it up, causing it to overflow and drip out.

Prisoner 3: You’re wet like a fuckin’ bitch…  I slide right in.

The guy impaling me begins to pant and splits me open further than I can handle.
Gian: No more… I can’t…Ee!!

Prisoner 3: Squeeze a little gentler, will ya?  This cunt’s still so fucking tight after being fucked every day…
His dick strains inside me, as though it’s about to burst.  Probably because he’s trying to hide his sudden excitement, he stops what he’s doing and starts slapping my ass.

Gian: S-Sto—!  Ah!  Agh!
Every time his hand hits my thigh, I flinch reflexively.  And the guy’s prick pushes up against me even more with every twitch.

Prisoner 3: Uwagh!  I-I’m cumming…!

Gian: Ah, pull … out, you bastard…  Nngh…   …Aagh!!

As he shoots inside me, my body starts convulsing as though overcome by catatonia.
Gian: …Haa … haa…

Prisoner 4: My turn next.  I’ll be takin’ his mouth.  He’s got a pretty face too…  I’d want the ass, but your junk’s already all over it.

A shaft swathed in heat and musk is shoved against my cheek.  I can’t do anything but open my lips.

Prisoner 4: Come on, open wider!  Swallow the whole thing!

Gian: … Agh…  Guh…!
I desperately try to control my gag reflex.  If I bite him, who knows what kind of punishment I’ll get.

Prisoner 2: Well then, I call seconds with this hole.

Just when I think he’s done rearranging my legs, I’m pierced by another penis.  I’ve loosened, but the pain hits me every single time.

At the edge of my vision, I find the guy who fucked me first today.  He looks at me interestedly as I’m raped from both ends before his expression suddenly changes, like he’s remembered something.

Prisoner 1: Oh yeah … I heard something interesting.  Was it true you were next in line to be the CR:5 boss?

I suddenly shudder.

Prisoner 2: Whoa!  …Haa … Do all dagos have asses like yours?  If so, they’d be a big hit outside the joint!  Come on, bend your hips more!

Prisoner 4: Really?  He sucks on this end.  Use more tongue!

I obey both of their orders before turning my gaze back to the other guy.

I want to ask him where he’d heard that, but my throat’s full and clogged.  I ask him to go on with my eyes instead.

Prisoner 1: Hm?  You mean that was for real?  You’ve gotta be shittin’ me.  Look at you now!  Well, whatever.  Your organization’s as good as gone…  Your luck’s all down the drain, bitch.

“You’re so much more useful like this,” 

The guys raping me agree.
Gian: Ummgh … cough … ugh…!!
The pain of being deprived of air starts being too much for me, so I start desperately working my tongue up and down the filthy rod stuck down my throat.

It doesn’t take long for it to swell and cum into my throat.  My nose is pinched until I swallow all of it.

Feeling positively wretched, I still swallow.  Finally, I’m allowed to breathe.  The bitter taste of semen spreads even to my nose.
Gian: …Haa, haa…  Ugh … haa … Fuck…

Prisoner 1: If you wanna get it over with, you’ll have to put some back into it too.

‘Then just fucking get it over with already.’  I think bitterly as I move my hips as well.
Gian: Ah … Nnngh … haa…
As the guy hits me in my sweet spot, I start growing as well.  It’s just a little better on the pain than just being raped.

Prisoner 2: Hah!  You’re getting off of being gangbanged!  Why don’t you take this as well…!!

Suddenly, the guy thrusts into me all the way to the base and he starts to ejaculate inside me.  The pressure inside me, in addition to the humiliation of being filled with the semen of a scumbag like him, throws me off balance.
Gian: Not inside…!!  Agh … aah!!
…Before I realize it, I’m cumming too.

The pleasure that thinly spreads across my consciousness lets me forget reality for just a few seconds.  I go limp under the laughter of the bastards surrounding me.

Shit … I went and orgasmed…

Yet another man settles between my legs.

Gian: Gaagh!!
My face twists at being penetrated all the way so suddenly when semen splatters onto it, probably from some guy masturbating.  Looks like the assault isn’t over yet, nor does it look like it’ll be over any time soon.

Gian: Uwah … ah!  …Guh…
If I fail, I can expect only the worst situation to be waiting for us.  In other words, the situation I’m currently in.

I … was supposed to become boss, too…

At that time, the luck that should have landed into my hands had slipped through my fingers … and took everything along with it.

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