Thursday, November 29, 2012

Omerta - Chinmoku no Okite BL Game 18+ Scene

O M E R T A  N O  O K I T E


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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Omerta - Chinmoku no Okite BL Game 18+ Scene

O M E R T A  N O  O K I T E
Pairing: TachibanaxJJ


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Friday, November 23, 2012

Katekyo! 3 Manga + Drama CD [1]

Katekyo! 3 [1] by FatFluffy03

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lucky Dog 1 BL Game 18+ Scene

L U C K Y  D O G  1
Pairing: IvanxGian


SUBS: Taken from Terracannon876/

Gian: …Hey, Ivan.  Your hand.  Lemme see.
Ivan: Nwuh?
Ivan, back still facing me, turns just his head around.  …Judging from his expression, he’s still pissed off…  …No, he’s pouting.
Gian: Your hand…
Ivan: What about it?  It’s not like it’s hur—  Uwah?!

Holy fuck…!  That was close.  Just barely managed to pull off the sneak attack.  If I’d screwed it up, he so would’ve punched me in the face by reflex.

I tug on Ivan’s hand while he’s still got his back to me, taking him off-balance…  Seeing my chance, I push him down and climb on him.
Ivan: Wh-Wh-Whah?!  You!  What’re you…?!

I catch both of Ivan’s hands and, with them still behind him, tie them up with the rag – still wet from the soda – using it as a rope.

Ivan: …Wh-What’re you doing?!

It’s no surprise Ivan’s on his guard.
Gian: Naw, ‘s nothin’.  Just wondering if maybe I should have myself a piss here on your face.
Ivan: Wha?!  Y-You!  You do somethin’ like that and I’ll…!

Whine, whine.  I purposely hum a nasal tune, completely ignoring the noisy one, as I peel off Ivan’s clothes layer by layer.
Ivan: H-Hey?!  What’re you doing…?
Gian: Say, last time, you took really good care of my nipples, didn’t you?
Ivan: Huh?

Gian: Just thought, maybe I should take really good care of yours, too.  Does that make you warm and fuzzy inside?
Ivan: Huh?  The fuck are you—

Before Ivan can finish, I run my tongue over the pricks standing straight up on Ivan’s chest in front of my eyes.

Ivan: …Ngh!  …H-Hey!  Guh …you…!

After I flick my tongue over them a few times, I give them a hard suck.
Gian: … … …They stink like sweat.
Ivan: Th-Then don’t lick them!

Gian: Naw, I’m just saying.  It’s fine.  I’ll just bear with the sweaty odor part … though it really does stink.
Ivan: Why you…!

The frustration in Ivan’s voice is music to my ears, and I take off my belt, push down my pants, and strip off my underwear.
Ivan: …Wh-Why’re … why’re you stripping?!

Gian: Stained pants aren’t on my list of favorite things…  Plus, getting semen stuck on your underwear just makes it smell.
Ivan: Huh?!

I spit a generous glob of saliva onto my palm and spread it evenly over my fingers.  Ivan’s probably got an inkling of what’s going to happen since he starts desperately flailing around, trying to get free.
Gian: Hm?  The sirens going off in your head right now?
Ivan: Y-Yeah fucking right!  You should stop now … while I’m stuck … or … else…!!

Wow, and there you have it, brawn over brains.  Because of Ivan’s desperate struggles, the rag tying his hands together’s almost off.  Annoyed, I jam his mouth with the clothes I’d just taken off.
Ivan: Mrgh!  Mugh, mmmmmmgggh!!
Gian: Ngh!  All righty…
I straddle Ivan’s thighs and purposely press my weight down heavily onto him.

Casually, I grab Ivan’s dick, which is now in the open.
Gian: …Hm?  Lookie here, you’re hard…
Ivan: Mgh!  Grrrgh!
Gian: Mm, I’ve got no clue what you’re saying … but I’ll still make you make some niiiiice sounds for me.
Ivan’s face twists at my words.
Ivan: Fugh!  Guugh!!  Grrrugh!!
Gian: Hm?  This makes you happy?  Ah, yes, I know.  I know just how you feel!  So just be patient!  We’re almost there.  ‘K … puppy boy, arf arf?

Ivan: Mgrrrrgh!!  Guuggggh!!

Oh wow, he’s trying so hard he’s almost crying.

…Huh, stuff like this is actually kinda fun.  Rather … whoa, I’m getting pretty excited here.

I ignore Ivan as I smear a trail of saliva with the hand I’d soaked earlier back to my anus.

Ivan: Mngh…?

Ivan expression goes surprised when he sees what I’m doing and he cocks his head.
Gian: …I’ll take that off for you.

I pull out the clothes stuffed in his mouth, which Ivan opens, about to say something, but then he just shuts it.
Gian: Nn…  Mgh, nnhaah…

Ivan: Ungh…!  Nn…  Mmngh…  G-Gian…?

Gian: I’m gonna fuck you the way I like it.  Thoroughly, through and through.

I aim Ivan’s stiffening member towards my rear while he’s still speechless at my words, and I swallow the head as it slips in.

Ivan: Nnh…!  Haa … agh!

I’d planned on wettening myself up back there, but I guess I didn’t do enough…
Gian: Owowow… Ouch…
Fuck, it still hurts…  And here I thought I’d have gotten used to this…!

Ivan: Y-You’re…

Gian: I guess … what hurts still hurts even if I go at my own pace…  Thank god you’re not fucking huge.
As I say this, I push Ivan’s penis further inside me.  It’s still small, so it still goes in pretty easily, but the fact that it hurts doesn’t change.

Ivan: …Nhaah … ngh…

I lightly suck up and down Ivan’s neck, run my tongue over it…  It’s all Ivan’s scent.
Gian: Whoa, shit…  I’m starting to feel dizzy…

Ivan: Haa … Y-You…

I can feel Ivan’s dick swell up in a flash inside me.  I squeeze it with a clench and, feeling it, he scrunches his eyebrows up tight and breathes out hard.

Slowly, I move up and down, and when Ivan himself starts moving as well, I feel Ivan’s presence inside me even stronger than before.
Gian: Nnh…  Feels … good?

Ivan: …’f course … good…

Gian: Huh?  What’d you … say?  Come on, say it … louder!
I can’t hear him all that well, so I twist around a little, feeling Ivan inside me tight and painful, before sliding along smoothly, clenching all the while.

Ivan: Nnh!  Haa … O-Of course … it feels good…

A satisfied smile makes its way onto my face.  When I rock my hips again, I notice something.

There’s a sweet spot inside.  Bam! and I’m done for.  I can feel my spine shivering.
Gian: Aah … haa…!

Ivan: …Look at you, looking so perverted…

Gian: …B-Back at you.  You were leaking the whole time!  You … haa … think I didn’t know…?  Nngh…
I seal Ivan’s noisy mouth with my lips, and as he hits that good spot again, I can feel waves of bliss assault my lower half.

Gian: Nnh … naah!!  Th-There…
Every time I push myself onto it, my body starts shaking, twitching, and my movements grow clumsy.

Ivan: …That … feels good there?

Before I can reply, Ivan gives one strong thrust.
Gian: Ee!!  Haa…!!
He hits the place, pinpointing it on the dot, and I feel myself bend backwards.  This feels so weird.  What is this?  …Shit…

Ivan’s getting into the groove, and he starts thrusting, hitting that spot and that spot only, again and again.

Gian: …Ah … shi—  Aah!

Ivan: Oh?  So that’s what makes you feel good.

Annoyed, I grip Ivan’s nipples and give them a strong pull.

Ivan: …Aagh…?!

Gian: …You’re the one … sitting back … and being fucked … today…!

Ivan: Shut … up…!  You’ve got no right … saying any of that with such a sexy face on…

I twirl Ivan’s points around and around, like he’d done to me.  Ivan’s body tenses up and I can feel him bulge even larger inside me.

Ivan: Pff…!  Shit … stop … stop that…!

Gian: Ooh?  Ivan, you’re sensitive here, too?

Ivan: Why … you…!

I slurpily peck at his nipples as I start rocking again.
Gian: Ngh … haa…  Ngh!

Ivan: Haa … F-Fuck…!  M-Move harder…!

Like he’s impatient with my movements, Ivan starts moving his hips, too.
Gian: Ah…!  Haa … haa…!
Never expected it to be this hard to move from above.  The feeling of sluggishness transforms into ecstasy with every thrust upwards from Ivan.

Ivan: …Haah … let my hands go…

Gian: …N-No.

Ivan: Tsk!  Jeez…

He clicks his tongue before shooting his hip upwards, jamming me right in that sensitive spot.
Gian: Haa!  Guh!  Why … always there…?

Ivan: Feels … good, doesn’t it?

Looks like Ivan’s getting pretty close to the edge …  He’s joking around, but his eyes aren’t smiling.

Ivan: Fuck…!  Hah … I-I’m gonna cum…

He’s just about at his limit.  I’ve gotta get myself off … or else he’s cumming inside.
Gian: Ah … shit…  Guh…  Nnh … nnh!
But … I can’t make my knees bend further than a certain angle.  I want the thing inside me to fuck me, stimulate me long and hard.

I’m … almost at my limit, too.

That’s fine.  I’ll cum first.  Then, if I pull off first…

I reach forward and grab my dick.  Not enough.  More.  I want more.
Gian: Guh…  Ngh…!
I want absolute pleasure.  I want him slamming into me more.  I lose myself in rocking back and forth as I work Ivan inside me hard.

Ivan: Ugh … you idiot…!  You do that and … ah, I’m…!

I raise myself up, intent on pulling Ivan’s dick out of me … but I can’t.  Ivan’s boner pushes up and against my innards, shoving everything aside as he swells.

Ivan: Haa … I’m … cumming…!!

I can feel Ivan’s hot juices flow into me, pushing into me.
Gian: Ah…  Shi—!!  Ah…!!

At the same time, my swollen member spurts out all the semen I’d been holding back with a vengeance and I unintentionally get some on his stomach and face.

Ivan: Uwah?!
Gian: Haa … haa … Got you … on the face…  Sorry, my bad…

Ivan: Fuck!  Wh-Whoa?!  The fuck is this?!  Get it off!  Quick!!

Gian: Uhmmm…  Tissues…  Where’s the tissues…

Ivan: Y-You idiot!  Hurry up!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Akanai Tobira Manga + Drama CD [7]

Akanai Tobira [7] by FatFluffy03

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lucky Dog 1 BL Game 18+ Scene

L U C K Y  D O G  1
Pairing: IvanxGian


SUBS: Taken from Terracannon876/

I turn the lock…

…and then, I just realize something.
Gian: There’s only one bed here!
Ivan: Huh? Yeah. …D-D-Doesn’t matter, does it?! It doesn’t … matter, right…?

Gian: What’re you blushing for, dipshit! …What, is this the special place you take all your lays?

Ivan: Th-That’s not what I meant, stupidhead!! A-Anyways! It’s not like I’d ever planned to bring anyone here in the first place!!

Yeah, yeah. I give a sigh as I turn towards the door…
Gian: U-Uwagh?!

Suddenly, I feel something grab my neck from behind … but just as the thought hits my brain, his arms wrap completely around me instead, like an embrace.
Ivan: …Nnh, haa … mm …!
Gian: W-Whoa! Time out, time out! What’re— Uwah?!

He holds me tight from behind.

Ivan: …You … fucking bastard…! Teasing me … with the bed … and all…! Shit, this’s amazing, I’m already…

Gian: …Wh-What? What’re you— Aah! Hey…!

…He grips my chest with both hands, hard and sharp. It feels like I’ve got a muzzle or a club jabbing into my back…
Gian: Y-You idiot, what’re you… Why’re you completely hard?!
Ivan: N-No shit I am!! Fuck … You smell so good…!!

…What?! Rather, that just means you haven’t taken a bath in a long time!!
Gian: …Y-You can’t do this now! Stop! That guy’s … gonna be back soon…!

Ivan: It’ll be fine…! It takes ten minutes … to buy the usual stuff!

Gian: Gaah! Wh-What the hell?! What the hell’s up with this timing?!

Ivan: Sh-Shut up!! We just don’t open the door ‘s all!

A-Aah! There goes my belt…   
Gian: S-Stop… Um, can’t we do this … after food…?
Ivan: We can just do it again after food…!

Wow. Mamma, he’s not on the same page as me! He’s not even in the same book! I … I feel like my head’s a complete mess…

In that space of time, I can see Ivan whipping off his belt and pulling down his pants and underwear from the corner of my eyes.
Gian: Hnn … nngh…! …Y-You pulling out your dick already? W-wait, you’re seriously gonna do it?

Ivan: If I don’t, we’re not finishing this in ten minutes…!

He pulls down my pants and underwear in a single motion, too, like he just wants them out of the way before coating his fingers with a huge glob of spit.

…Wow, when the hell did the idiot get so good at this?!
Gian: …Nnh…

I feel the sensation of the chilly finger and lukewarm saliva around my anus. He smears it with more spit two or three times before his finger reaches in. My ass shudders a little.
Gian: Haa … ah…

Ivan: You’re not all that loose yet … but I’m going in.

Don’t say that over the squick squick of your fingers thrusting in and out! My voice won’t work like this!

His fingers – two now – pull out smoothly, and I jump when I feel Ivan impatiently placing his tip to my behind.
Gian: …You’re … putting it in already…?
‘I don’t want it to hurt…’ The thought automatically rises up to the front of my brain.

Ivan: I can’t … hold myself back…! …Please…!

As he says this, the swelling tip, like it’s got some agenda it’s got to follow, gradually enters me.
Gian: Nn! Guh … ah…!

Ivan: Quit sounding so dirty…!

The bastard, always saying and doing whatever the hell he wants…!

My ass squeezes tight and Ivan’s dick pulsates with a twitch.
Gian: …Haa … that was a good squeeze, right?

Ivan: You … fucking lewd bastard…!

Ivan’s slimy tongue drags over behind my ear. He laps at my earlobe while pinching my nipples with both hands.
Gian: …Nnh … haah! Ngh!

Ivan: You really … do feel it in your chest. Your ass is … tightening up again.

He twirls it round and round, and then pulls them with a sting.
Gian: …Ah … haa haa… Bas … tard… Quit it with the nipples…
He squishes them with his index fingers, and the spike of stimulation climbs up to the cheek he’s licking.

Ivan: I’ll put it all in … all the way into your stomach…

Slow and steady, stupid Ivan’s junk enters me as he shoves me up against the wall.
Gian: Aaah … aah…!
He’s probably all the way inside. But … maybe because it’s the second time around? It doesn’t hurt as much as last time.

…But, it does feel kinda weirdly hot. Hot enough like the heat’s invading through my whole body.

Ivan: Are you … a little looser from last time? …I can move really easily.

‘That’s ‘cause you used enough spit to paint a house!’ …but if I say that, he’d just snap and start fucking me like no tomorrow, so I’ll keep quiet.

Ivan: …Tsk! There’s no time…

He flips a look at his watch before both his hands grab my waist. He starts off with long strokes, but slowly he ups the speed.
Gian: Haa … guh… Ngh!
For every long one, Ivan’s head sticks against my entrance every time he pulls back and I feel a sting of pain.

Ivan: …Aaah…! Fuck … th-this is great…

Ivan’s roughly grabs my stiffening penis and, in time with his thrusts, moves.

Gian: Ah … aah… Aah…!!
You really can’t get those raging waves of ecstasy unless you touch your penis. Perhaps all the more because he’s hurrying, but the harsh strokes on my dick suddenly summon up a violent desire to cum.

Gian: Ugh… nngh … gh…!

Ivan: …Heh… Guess it’s gotta be the dick for a guy, huh?

He keeps stroking as he sucks on my neck, one hand returning to the nipples. My legs start trembling at the stimulation over my entire body.
Gian: Ee … ah… Ah…!

Ivan: You keep twitching down there…! …This good…? Hm…?

…The idiot. Can’t he tell without asking?

Gian: …You can’t … cum without … jabbering your head off…?
Just as I finish my words, I hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh and the thrusts continue, powerful as ever, making my vision blurs in and out.

Ivan: I’ll make it so rough you can’t use that mouth of yours.

Stroking my dick all the while, he starts thrusting into me with a fast rhythm. I feel my legs growing stiff.

Gian: Haa … ah…! Guh… Ngh…!
Now and then I think he’s going to do a long thrust when instead he jerks short, staccato ones inside me. Even if I don’t want to, I can’t hold back the juices that start leaking from my own penis.

Ivan: Your dick’s all dribbling wet … you erotic … bastard.

The insult comes near my ear, causing me to jump.

…It’s not because he insulted me! It’s because the stupid’s breath went into my ear.

Ivan: …What, you feel it in the ear, too?

His hips and hands don’t miss a beat as his tongue goes into my ear. I unconsciously duck my neck in.
Gian: Ss—! Aah … Stop … that. Feels nasty…

Ivan: Nasty? Hmm … is that so?

Squelch squelch the tongue plays around inside my ear, and then I feel a bite on my earlobe.
Gian: Aah…!

Ivan: Haha, when I lick your ear, your ass … squeezes up really tight … you know? …Though, I … think you feel it more … in your tits, though.

Smirking all the while, he pinches my nipples again.
Gian: Aah…! …Fucking … bastard. What happened … to ‘no time’…?!

Ivan: Tsk … I know, I know!

His voice, dissatisfied like I’d just denied him his toy, barely finishes speaking when he starts violently thrusting into me, hand still clenching my nipple.

Gian: …Haa…! Ha…! Ah…!

Ivan: You … wanna cum…? …!

My ass clenches up tight and Ivan’s dick inside squirms with each pulse.

Ivan: Aagh…! Shit … you planning on getting me off alone…?!

Gian: S-Stupid… I’m … almost there, too…!

A bite-like kiss afterwards, Ivan’s dick tortures the inside of my gut. I feel goose bumps at the mind-numbing pleasure.
Gian: Nnnh … nghaa…! Nngh … aah…!

Ivan: Ngh…! You’re clenching too much…! …Agh … I-I’m cumming…!

I think he’s going to cum inside, so I try to move my hips away, but he’s shoving hard into me and a pretty generous amount of surging spurts into me.
Gian: Y-You … idiot…!!
Shudders overtake my entire body as I also release my desire onto the wall.

Gian: Haa … haa…
Ivan: Haa… Haa… Aagh … my hand’s all wet.

Gian: …Pull out already…! And … bring the tissues already…

Ivan takes a look at the time before lightly clicking his tongue. He scampers off to grab the tissues, roughly grabbing a whole bunch and trying to wipe the stains off.

Gian: …It’s on the wall, too…

Ivan: Nnmgh, I know…!

He hurriedly goes to wipe my semen off the wall, too.
Gian: …On my dick, too.

Ivan: I know, I know…!

I thought he’d say something like, ‘Clean it up yourself!’ but he’s being unexpectedly diligent.
Gian: …Now then … we should … hurry up and give Bernardo a call…

Ivan: At least pull your pants up before you call… …What’re you lounging everywhere for?! Hurry up!

Gian: Aye, aaaaye. Mm, where’s the phone?
I leisurely pull my pants and undies up as I glance around the room.

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Lucky Dog 1 BL Game 18+ Scene

L U C K Y  D O G  1
Pairing: IvanxGian

ON YOUTUBE [click me]

SUBS: Taken from Terracannon876/

Gian: No one's saying or thinking anything like that.  Who do you think you are, some melodramatic tragic heroine?  Give it a break, you idiot.

Ivan: What'd you say, you fucker?!

Gian: Honus, and the GD bastards, too...  Their strategy isn't really getting you to their side so much as separating us at the core of our family.

Gian: And even with that goin' on, you wanna go out on your own and wander about when they've got their sights set on you?  Don't make everyone worry so much...

Ivan: You call that worry?!  Hah, that's a pretty story.  You mean they just think I'm in the way, right?  And you do too, right?!

...Crap, he's really snapped.  ...Rather, now I feel like crying.

Today at noon, we'd seen everything together...  At the time, we'd been thinking the same thing, and even at the trial earlier, I thought that, if it's for him, I'd...Gian: That's why you're such a fucking idiot!!

Ivan: What'd you say, you fucking traitor?!

Gian: Bernardo!  Giulio!  Grampa Cavalli!  And Luchino!  Me!  Did you forget what happened at the trial earlier?!

Ivan: ...!  Wh—

Gian: If we really did think you were just 'in the way,' Ivan, then we'd 've all teamed up and raised our hands and voted you guilty!  And the janitor would be happy dandy in the middle of a great job right now!

...Looks like even Ivan's managed to remember how things were at the conference earlier.  He guiltily turns his eyes away and starts pacing.Gian: At times like this, you shouldn't stew over things yourself and should just lean on the others around you.  We're all together in this, aren't we?

Ivan: Wh-Wha...  That's ... annoying.  I've always ... done fine on my own!  I don't ... need to play make-believe with friends after all this time...

Ivan: Shit!  ...Just do whatever you want, fuck...
...What's he all embarrassed about?  He starts grumbling with his back to me.  I can't hear what he's muttering before he burrows into the bed.
Ivan: Shit … I’m so pissed off I can’t sleep!

Hell if I know.  I plop onto my bed and snicker at him.   

Gian: Wanna call up room service and ask ‘em for a girl?
Ivan: Shut up!  I’m not gonna touch their shitty leftovers!
Gian: Didn’t you go score some girl yesterday?  Just go and jerk yourself off imagining her.

Ivan: Y-You idiot!!  I didn’t go!  I was so fucking pissed off after all that shit that I’d drank myself to sleep in one of my safehouses!
Gian: Hmm.  If only we could go outside!  Then you could’ve gotten yourself a woman!  Too baaad.

Ivan: …Why you…!
Suddenly … I think I see Ivan’s eyes go bloodshot.

Is he gonna hit me…?!  I brace myself … but instead, I see all the pointiness in his expression, all the muscles in his body relax.

Ivan: …Haha, this’s just like when we were in the joint.  I just had a flashback, fuck.
Gian: And it’s quite a luxurious cell we’ve got here.  But, yeah, you’re right…  It feels like such a long time ago, seriously.

Ivan: …Smoke.  Give.

Ivan props himself against the bed and looks up at the ceiling.  I reach for my pocket…  Oh.  I’m still wrapped up in that towel from the loo.

I head for the chair I’d left my jacket on, grab the box of cigs and paper matches and head back to Ivan when…

Gian: Here.  Cool your head a bit and go to sleewaah?!

…Ivan reaches out, quick and fast as a punch, and grabs the hand that I’d had the smokes in.  With a pull, he kills my balance and I plunge onto the bed…

And then Ivan’s body and his scowl hang over me.  …Is he gonna hit me?!  Just as I think this…

Ivan: …I’m so fucking horny I can’t sleep.  I’ll just have to have you help out.
Gian: Wha?!  Stop, you idiot! 
The moment Ivan’s words actually get through to me, I hear something snap! in my head and I see red.

He’s got my wrist held so tight I hear it creak… With his other hand, Ivan’s down dragging his nails across my still-wet neck and chest.

Ivan: You bastard…  Shit, this is pretty good!  The skin’s smooth like a baby’s…!
Gian: Ngh…!  I told you to stop, you asshole!

I use my other free hand and aim a punch at Ivan’s nose … but Ivan just twists his neck over and dodges it easily.


Gian: Guhaa….
I feel a light blow in my side, around where my liver is.  …But the impact clouds my eyes with black from the pain and, for a second, I can’t catch my breath.
Ivan: Struggle and you’ll just get yourself hurt.

I twist around, still trying to breathe…  Then, Ivan’s pressure on me suddenly disappears … or so I think, but the next second…

At first, I have no idea what’s happened.  …He’d pulled off the towel around my waist.  When I realize this, my head’s filled through and through with red.

Gian: You bastard…!  …Uwah…?!
…He’s really strong.

My hand’s twisted around and the wet towel’s wrapped around it … and then my other hand’s tied to the hand behind me.  I can’t move.  I finally get myself to breathe.  And then…

…he presses me down with his strength and his weight.  He pushes down on my tied arms and my body… …I can’t breathe again.

Things are getting hazy, and I can hear Ivan’s faint laughter and his labored breaths…  …His nails slide over my chest and my stomach, and I know he’s just tormenting me…
Ivan: Hehehe…  What is this?  Shit, it’s awesome…

Ivan’s laughing, practically shaking from excitement.
Gian: Y-You … bastard…
Ivan: Haha!  That’s a good look you’ve got there.  Now then…

Ivan sticks a smoke in his mouth … takes out a paper match and lights – tries to light it…
Ivan: Agh, shit … shit!  The fuck is this?!

…He tries to light it like a normal match and instead breaks several of them.  …The hell is he getting all flustered over, the stupid…
Gian: …Ngh, you idiot.  Don’t you know how to use a paper match?
Ivan: Sh-Shuddap!

Ivan spits out the cigarette in his mouth and twists my arm up.  A groan escapes my mouth from the pain.

He tried to act all confident, failed, and now he’s covering it up.  He squeezes my ass.

Ivan: Huh, yours are pretty bouncy even though you’re a guy.
Gian: …Uwah … uwaah, stop!  I’ll scream!

Fuck.  Completely involuntary, but with two hands groping my ass again and again, even if it’s Ivan…  …I start feeling something strange.

Gian: I’m serious here!  I’m gonna scream!  You…!
Though I say this, the moment I imagine another captain or one of the wiseguys coming into the room and seeing this, my voice breaks off.  …If they see this, I’m humiliated for life.

Ivan: Just give it up.  I’ll make it good for you too, so you should be happy!

Gian: Just what the hell am I s’pposed t’be happy ‘bout here?!  Shit, let my hands go!

Ivan: This isn’t like the joint, after all.  We’ve got suuuch a springy  mattress, and we’re sitting on top of suuuch clean sheets.

He cackles like a villain (No, wait, he is the villain here) as he puts more force into the hand stroking my butt.  I pale.

My cheeks are pulled apart like nothing.

Ivan: Geh…  Heh … it’s not what I’d imagined…

H-He’s looking…  I feel waves of shame and embarrassment batter me.

No, more importantly, at this rate, I’m gonna get raped?!

‘This is a nightmaaaare!’  I practically hum to myself as I make my best escapism attempt.  Luckily, Ivan’s hands leave my ass and I get in a breath of relief.

Instead, those fingers start sliding up my torso.

Gian: Ah … hah, ngh … Don’t pinch me!
His fingers discover my nipples and squeeze them.  A sweet pain runs through me, and even I know that they’d hardened straight away.
Ivan: Hehehe.  Just what the hell is this…?

Gian: I’ll lay this out simple beforehand.  It’s ‘cause your fingers were cold and that was it, got it?!  Ah…!
He stimulates the hardened points, rubbing them back and forth and pulling at them.  Moans spill out.  I can’t hold them back.

Gian: …Y-You happy … playing with a guy’s chest…?

Ivan: Hah!  Just how much do you feel in your nipples, you nympho?

I’m bitter.  Veeery, very bitter.  So what if my chest’s sensitive!  My body’s shivering on its own so it’s not my fault and would you stop using your nails…?!

My breaths start speeding up and my face, turned downwards, twists under all my anger and humiliation.

If only my hand was free, then I’d give him a good sock straight in his face!  All right already just let go of my nipples!!

Ivan: …What, you’re about to get fucked and you’re still gettin’ excited?

Because of his strange ministrations, my cock’s pretty swollen by now.

Gian: It’s all your fault, groping around everywh—!  Gh!
A hand shoots lightning-fast and grabs my knee.  I don’t even have enough time to gulp before he pulls my legs apart so far they start hurting…

Ivan: Hah!  If you didn’t go and take a bath, I wouldn’t ‘ve wanted to fuck a guy like you either.

Yep, I hate baths.  Shouldn’t have taken one…

Ivan: Hmph, ‘s cleaner than I’d thought it’d be…
He’s looking confused, like he’d been trying to figure out how to insult me when that spills out of his mouth instead.
Gian: Complimenting me won’t get you any favors.

Ivan: And just how many dicks ‘ve you taken like this?  You’re a guy, but you’re such a bitch.

Ivan curses this as some strange expression floats over his face, something between scorn or envy.

Ivan expertly takes off his own pants single-handedly.  And there, standing in salute in front of me, is his dick.

Gian: …Wait, what’s that you’ve got there, huh?!  You’re the one lusting about sticking your cock into another guy, you idiot!  Ivan!!
Ivan: Shut up!  You wanna get hit again?
Gian: Tsk!  Why you…!
I finally manage to get a foot free and I aim a kick at his gut, but I misjudge the distance and it flies clear of him.
Ivan: Whoa, there.

Gian: Gaah!
Ivan goes quiet, pulls me up higher so my back’s arched.  Fuck, I can’t even pull off a kick now.

…So he’s gonna stick that in me now?  At least prepare me a little.  Shit, this is gonna hurt…  I half-resign myself and heave a long breath.
Gian: Fuck…

…Hm?  Ivan’s stopped moving.

Some sort of humiliation sex play?  I lift my head up a little and look at Ivan, and…


Ivan: …

His eyes are swimming around the room, round and round.  Is he … looking for something…?

And strangely, I feel like they’re specifically dodging around my crotch…?

Ivan: …Ah … mrgh … fuck!

Gian: H-Hey … Ivan?
Ivan: Wh-what?

He’s clearly backing down.  It’s great he’s got his junk out and all, but his heart’s not there…  A few degrees off the mark, in fact.

He flicks his eyes back to my face.  …And immediately turns them away.

Wow.  He’s getting cold feet after coming this far?
Gian: …Ivaaan?
Do you know the pain I have to go through to keep up this pose?!  (No, you wouldn’t, but still!)

Ivan: …Hey, G-Gian…  If you promise to obey me from now on … w-we can just leave it off here?

Huh?  …What’s he got to be arrogant about?  
Gian: You idiot.  Throw whatever you’ve got at me and I still wouldn’t obey you!
I throw these words at him despite my very embarrassing pose.
Ivan: What’d you say?  You wanna get run through like this?!
Now he’s clearly looking every which way around the room and searching for something.  
Gian: …I’ll lay this out first.  My stomach’s filled with all those nice, juicy cukes from earlier

Gian: Going for a tool right now is just proof you’re a monkey.

Ivan: …T-Then do ya want me to rape ya with my 45 up your ass?!

His habit of turning beet-red in a flash like now is a bad habit of his.
Gian: Hah!  What’re you scared about?  You’re no virgin.

I give a scornful laugh.  Well, I shouldn’t talk.  I’m the (ass) virgin here.
Ivan: Me?  Scared?!  That’s a great joke!

Gian: Then get your shit in gear and finish what you’ve started, jeezus!

Ivan: Wha?!  I was just gonna leave it off here for today…

Gian: Don’t go getting cold feet on me now, you idiot.
You’ve got me doing this stupid pose here like I’m doing splits on display!  And this long period of doing nothing!  And my arms tied behind my back hurt, and my dick’s still standing for I-don’t-know-what-reason!!

I haven’t been this annoyed in the past few years!

Gian: And you call yourself a proud member of the male species?  If you’re gonna back down like a wuss, then don’t start!  Coward!  Pussy!Still irritated, I curse and scold him.  I see the 45 dangling from his hand.

Gian: Oh, and now you’re gonna fire that gun without finishing taking care of it too, you ear-ly-bi-rd?!
Ivan: What’d you say?!
I can tell that Ivan’s boiled over the instant I threw that blatant challenge in his face.  Suddenly, I realize … I just fucked myself over, didn’t I?

Ivan, red all over, pushes me so my back is curled up to the limit, like he’s gonna thrust at my butt.

Gian: Ggh…!

My spine hurts so much it’s killing my breath.  That, mixed with the humiliation of having my crotch on display, makes my whole body flush.

Ivan puts his thumb into his mouth.  The next moment, it’s up against my anus and pushing in.

I’m suddenly hit with the feeling of something wet, and, with a squelch, I feel it invade me unpleasantly…

Gian: Ggh … Jesus, trim your nails all the way!

Ivan: Relax!  You’re too tight!  Leave the clenching for later!

Gian: …Guh…
I bite down on my voice when the thumb pulls out and his index and middle fingers replace it.

Probably because he’s still hesitant, Ivan keeps his fingers shallow.

Ivan: What’re you shaking for?  I haven’t even stuck them in deep yet.

Because he only has them in shallow, I don’t feel any pain and instead a strange pleasure.  I’ve played pitcher before, so I know there’s a good spot around that area.

…I don’t want to tell Ivan that I’m feeling it, so I grit my teeth.

Ivan: …I’m really gonna fuck you!  All the way!  And then you’ll … be my— … I mean, you’re gonna obey me!

Gian: Hah!  And I’ll fuck you right back!  …Uwah!
His finger squirms around inside, and my voice leaks from my throat.

It looks like Ivan’s finally set his mind to it.  He pulls out his fingers and strokes himself, pressing the tip to my anus.

…Maybe I should’ve just said any old random thing and run when I had the chance…  My arms hurt…

Ivan: I’m going in … Here we go…

Gian: …A-Agh…

Ivan: Shit, you’re tight…!

Gian: Fuck … hu-agh … Stop…  Ngh…!
Slosh … and Ivan tunnels into me.

No lubricant, but it still goes in pretty smoothly.  It’s ‘cause Ivan, the idiot, leaked precum all over himself, down to the base.

I really want to point it out to him, but it really hurts, and controlling my breathing is taking all my effort.

Just when I’m about halfway done calming it down, Ivan sticks it all in in one go.  …Addio, my anus viriginity.
Gian: Ngh … go slower…  Don’t put it all in … at once…  It still hurts…

Ivan: What is this… ’s hot, and ‘s squeezing…

Aagh, it hurts…  And it’s also weirdly hot…  Luckily, it feels like nothing’s split back there.

I think it’s a really good thing that my body’s so much softer after going to the bath.

And, a pleasure, like nothing I’ve ever felt before, spreads through my spine.  It’s weird, like someone’s pushing at my penis from the inside…

Gian: Hah … Don’t … move so … suddenly, haah…
I squeeze my eyes shut at the jolt of something digging into me.

Ivan: Don’t make such a sexy expression, you idiot.

All the while wishing for the towel behind my back to come off, I match Ivan’s urgent rhythm somewhat.
It’s to lessen the pain, even if by just a bit, and to get Ivan finished off ASAP.
The blood’s gone completely to Ivan’s head and he’s lost himself in the middle of attacking me.

Gian: Hey, cum … outside.  It’s really annoying … taking care of it…

Ivan: …Wha?  …You think you’ve got … any say in this?!  I’m gonna cum inside…!  Agh!

Gian: Ow!  …Leave the joke … to your expressions!
The fact we’re both trying so hard to joke while shaking our hips is ‘cause we’re trying to hide we’re at our limit.

…We’re connected pretty intimately.  We know how the other’s feeling.

Gian: …Then, come on.  Hurry up and cum inside me, brat…!

Ivan: And you’re … the one … squeezing and twitching down there…  I’m just gonna cum like this…!

In the time we were wriggling around, the towel behind me came loose.  One of my hand’s numb, but I manage to pull it out from underneath me.

Ah, I can move my hand.  I finally bring it around in front of me…

Gian: …Gh, mngh…
…and move it down to my crotch.  Not to sock Ivan in the face.
I mean, just a little more and I’m gonna cum.  Lust triumphs over shame, and I weakly grab myself.

Ivan: What’re … you doing…?

I don’t know if he’s moving his hand over mine to stop me or to stimulate me further.
Gian: Nn … ngh…!
I don’t know how it turned out this way.  Ivan’s hand and mine move together to stroke my penis.
Gian: Uwah … ah…!  Guh, haa…  I’m…

Ivan: Haa, guh … hah…!  Y-you’re…

Like it’s feeling sympathy for Ivan’s dick pounding away at me, mine also starts swelling.
I don’t give a flying fuck anymore…

Gian: Auh, haa…!  Aah…!

Ivan: Fuck, don’t squeeze … nnaagh…!!  I’m cumming … Aah!

Gian: Haah, no, I’m cum—!!
A powerful force sweeps over me.

The warm white liquid spurts into me and all over my hand…
Gian: Uwaah…!  Guh…  Ngh…
…Weirdly enough, I feel Ivan’s hand linger over mine for a long time.

Then, like he’s flustered, Ivan tries to get away from me … and then stops mid-move.

Ivan: Hey … loosen up…  The tip’s stuck and I can’t pull it out…

Don’t care.  Moving hurts.

When I limply stretch, Ivan forcefully pulls out.  I give a sigh.

I can feel the semen he shot inside me leak out, just a bit.

Gian: Ah…
Ivan: Heh … the hell.  You even curled your toes when you came, just like a girl…
We came at the same time, so his words just sound like the howling of a dog that’s got his tail between his legs.

My hand and stomach are dribbling with my own ejaculate.  Because of my bad position, I’m numb here and there.  Seriously … what the fuck is this situation?

I dazedly look up at Ivan…

And I see his face slowly come closer.  Whoa, hey there.  What’re you doing?

He’s gonna kiss me, too?!  I stare at his approaching face.

Gian: What.  You’ve got something you wanna say?

Ivan: …N-No, I don’t…

Ivan moves away and fixes a glare on me.

I’m … really confused, at the moment.  Yeah, really confused.

Because what I wanna say to Ivan right now is…  …  …But, other words fly from my mouth instead.

Gian: Why’d you stop just now?

Ivan: Sh-Sh-Shut up!  It’s nothing!!

Gian: Hm…
I stretch my hand forward slowly to keep from startling him … and brush his hair, and his cheek.
Ivan: Wh-What…
Gian: Nothing.
I secretly smeared a bit of semen onto his hair, but it looks like Ivan didn’t notice.

The hell is this, this weird gazing-at-each-other atmosphere…  Yeah, we’re definitely both still confused by this all…

After a while…

Ivan went ahead to take a shower first, saying he felt nasty.

I stay on the dirty bed and sigh, massaging my numb hand.

Aah … I did it with Ivan.  All the way.

Now that I’m calmer, it sinks in that that just now was all because of the special situation, a battle of the wills, and also, the heat of the moment.

Mmgh, to think I’d get into this kind of a relationship with Ivan…

I simulate various situations of what it’ll be like afterwards.

…N-No!  Stop!  Bad thoughts!  Bad thoughts!

Gian: Anyways…
Ivan: Wh-What…?

Just as Ivan comes out of the bathroom, he cuts into my monologue.   
Gian: Maybe I’ll … call room service, and get an ice cream sundae…
Ivan: …Wha?
Gian: No, something without chocolate’d work better…
Ivan: What, you want ice cream?
Gian: No.  I was thinking if I could pretend that the reason these sheets are all crumpled up was ‘cause I dropped ice cream onto it.
Ivan: …You seriously think you can get away with an excuse like that?  You should hurry up and take a shower.  Don’t spill any semen over there.

Ivan says this snootily as he starts stripping the bed of its sheets.

I see something that looks like blood.  I wonder if I’m bleeding a bit back there…

I remember that period of confusion after all that roughness and I give a small sigh.   
Gian: Seriously, what’re we gonna do about those sheets?  The room service’ll see it.

Ivan: What ‘bout that janitor?  We could leave it to him.

…The janitor does this stuff, too?  But wait, the moment we call the cleaners, we’ll have to go through Bernardo and the others, don’t we?

Either way, I make myself stand up and head over to the shower room, slouched back and all.

Aagh, shit, my back hurts…  Whoa, at some point in time my hair’s gotten completely soaked in sweat.

I wonder if this is what they call regret…?

I wash my body spick-span clean and return to the bedroom.

It’s the second time today I feel like a satisfied, toasty puppy.  But this time I feel freakishly exhausted compared to before.  Jeez, I just feel like dropping off into wonderland this very moment…

Oh!  Ivan’s put on new sheets for me!

Yeah, go luck!  As I dry my hair, I sit down on the sheets.

…On the next bed, Ivan’s staring at me kinda angrily.   
Gian: What’re you so unhappy ‘bout?  Didn’t you get it all outta your system?
Ivan: Th-That’s not it…!

A … lot of things happened today.  Feels like my mind’s a pile of mush.  I get ya.  I’m feeling the same thing.
Ivan: Hey, you … h-how many…

Gian: Hm?

Ivan: You had a … really sexy expression back there, so … how … many people’ve you slept with?

What’s he talking about?   
Gian: …What’re you trying to say?  I’m not really getting it.  ‘sides, I couldn’t hear you in the first place.  Say it again.
Ivan: Shaddap!  It’s nothing!!

Don’t try and keep a guy creaking from fatigue and exhaustion up with ‘nothing.’

It’s probably because we’re under house arrest that we just let loose.  I’m gonna just go to sleep and forget the strange way things’ve turned out.

My ass hurts?  It’s all in my head!  It’ll get better tomorrow!  …That’s just how it is, right?!  …And just when I think this…
Ivan: You’re really freakishly popular with the Counselor and the other geezers.  And you always get urgent orders from the Boss to see ‘em…  You weren’t a prostitute when you were younger, right?

…Didn’t think the bastard’d get stuck on this…   
Gian: Never did anything like that!  I’ve just always been good with the old-timers.
Ivan: …Hmph.  If you say so…

I get tired of the conversation and burrow myself into the bed ASAP.
Ivan: But, you know, I mean…  Luchino looks like he’s really taken to you.  You … haven’t slept with him, have you?

Where’d he get that from?  He still wants to talk?  Just get to sleep, you early bird.   
Gian: That’s just his whim plus my amazing charm, probably.  ‘sides, the first time I’ve ever had a real conversation with him was when we were in lockup together.

Gian: Plus, he’s got a buffet of women out here outside those walls.  You think he’d choose a guy like me?
I think that’s quite persuasive, especially that last part.  I sense Ivan nodding, albeit strangely reluctantly.
Ivan: Then why does Giulio always … do stuff like … bowing after you and listening to you and doing whatever you say?!  If we’re talking strength, he’s stronger than you!
Gian: …That…?  I dun get it myself, not at all, so if y’know something, tell me, would you?
Ivan: …R-Really…?

There’s a sigh with something else mixed in.
Ivan: But, then…!  You!  And Bernardo!!  Aren’t you two practically glued to each other?!  You’re seriously telling me you haven’t done it with him?!   
Gian: Oh?  That’s what it looks like?  I guess some people’ve said that about us.  …When he deals with me, he actually puts up a wall between us, y’know?  Plus, there’s the age difference.

Ivan: …
Gian: Well, we’ve known each other for a long time, so we might’ve had a drunken kiss or so…
Ivan: What?!

Is that really so surprising?   
Gian: But we really haven’t slept together!  No way at all.

…Seriously, how long is this conversation gonna go on?  …Just lemme sleep.   
Gian: Haha, you know…

Ivan: Wh-What?!
Gian: This conversation.  It kinda sounds like you’re completely beside yourself with jealousy, hm?
A gasp, and Ivan stiffens.  …Wha, seriously?  And, what brought it on?

…Before my mind can catch up, the words spill from my mouth.   
Gian: …Ain’t that cute of you.
Ivan: What?  Who?!

‘You, of course…’ I don’t say.

…What the hell am I thinking?  Ew. 

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lucky Dog 1 BL Game 18+ Scene

L U C K Y  D O G  1
Pairing: IvanxGian

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SUBS: Taken from Terracannon876/    

I wake up to a kick in my back and the thought “Again?” swirling through my head.

It was a short but deep sleep, so I feel refreshed.  No damage from the fatigue and booze either.  Oh, I suppose I am a bit thirsty, though.

Ivan’s started to put some strength behind his jabs.

My back hurts.  I pick myself up, mind full of complaints about how the whole thing’s such a pain.  Careful to avoid waking the others, I hurry after Ivan and leave the cabin…   
Gian: What do you want, Ivan?

Ivan: …Thought I’d return the favor, for last night.

Oh yeah, I did spit out something like that as I left last night, didn’t I?
Gian: I appreciate the sentiment, but your words are quite enough.  …If that’s all, I’m leaving.
When I try to step past him, he gets in my way, his body quickly blocking off my route.

I feel my irritation rising.  What the hell does he want?

Ivan: Get with it.  Take off your pants.  This is an order.
Gian: Take off my …  Huh?  You mean me?

Ivan: I’ll be the one ‘servicing’ you today.

…Is this a joke?

Thinking he wants to give me a blowjob, I freeze for an instant.
Gian: Don’t want one…

Ivan: Just strip already!

Come onnn, seriously?!  What kind of trap is this?  He’s not going to bite me, is he?

Ivan kneels down and pulls down my pants.  H-He’s serious?!

Shame on me, he manages to slide my pants down to my knees while I’m still taken off-guard.
Gian: …Urk…
Watching me and mine, Ivan snorts irritably.
Ivan: Open your legs.  You’re … too high!  Stick your hips out a little.

Still standing, Ivan orders me as his hand reluctantly approaches my penis.  Apparently, this isn’t just empty barking. Is he planning a handjob?
Gian: Excuse me for having long legs!

The least I can do is shoot back a snarky comment as I obey his orders.  It’s a strangely embarrassing pose.

Ivan: You’re always screwing around…

Is he going to grab…  Just as I think this, Ivan reaches for my sacks.
Gian: Ugh…

He lifts them.  I’m afraid he’ll crush them.

Ivan: Heh, you shrinking?

Without touching my shaft, his finger leaves my balls and moves even further in.
Gian: Huh … what?!  Hey, wait!

By the time I notice, it’s already too late.
Gian: What are you sticking—  Stop!  Guh…!

Ivan sticks his finger up my ass.

I back up, mostly unconsciously, but the finger follows without pulling out.  My back hits the tree.  I can’t move any further.

Ivan: Don’t struggle.  You do, I’ll gouge you out.

He threatens me as his finger slowly sinks in further.  I hate it, but I can’t do a thing against him.

I can feel the moment when the second knuckle of Ivan’s middle finger sinks in.
Gian: Pull it…  Ow, hey!  That’s nasty…!
I raise my voice, but he still tries to forcibly push his way in.  The fierce friction of the dry finger ruthlessly shoving its way in causes pain to run through the area.

Ivan: Quit complaining, it’s just one finger.  You’ve had bigger things stuck up here before!

Gian: I’ve never bottomed!

Ivan: Really…?
I’m pretty annoyed when Ivan whispers this as though it’s completely unexpected.

Ivan: …Still, when you were first thrown into prison, the guards checked this place to make sure you weren’t hiding anything, right?

Gian: Same goes for you!

Ivan: D-Don’t bring it up and remind me!

Ivan starts wiggling the finger buried inside me.

Gian: Ow … Augh…!
I’m in agony from pain and something else.  With my dick being stimulated from the other side, a hazy sort of pleasure, different from the pain of having my insides clawed out, is being born.

Gian: Stop … that … feels weird… ah!

Ivan: That’s a funny voice you’ve got the—  Whoa!  You’re starting to get hard, too!  You’re feeling it from the ass?

Gian: Ch-Chalk it up to biological reaction…
When he presses against a certain place on my inner walls, ecstasy uncoils and seeps through me.  I’m still in the weird pose, with my hips sticking out, being toyed with by Ivan’s finger.

Ivan: Here?  …Hm, looks like this is the place.

Checking my reaction, Ivan’s finger gets more and more accurate.
Gian: Stop, Ivan!  Ngh … guh…!

Ivan: Quit it with that erotic expression!  You homo…!

Gian: Back at you … agh…  Stop…!
Standing takes everything I’ve got.  I’m even about to lose the energy to trade words with him.  It’s all because of the pleasure, all too much, of having my prostate teased by someone else’s finger.

It’s not the same kind of stimulation as someone playing with my dick.  This one spreads, trickles out.  The after-waves of bliss lap at me, from hips up past my bellybutton, and down past my knees.

Ivan: Are you feeling it?  I’m servicing you here, so you should give me a big thanks, hm?

Gian: …Stop … already…!
I say this, but if he really did stop, I’d be the one in trouble.

More … more … I want to cum.  The heavy weight of my lust prevents me from thinking anything else.  I can’t fight back.

My hips start spontaneously shuddering.  My dick is standing higher and higher by the inch.  I want to grab it, but I can’t do it in front of Ivan.

I don’t care if he’s teasing me or whatever, I just want him to touch my dick once.  If he does, I could cum immediately…

Ivan: No one’s touching you and you’re already throbbing like a drum!  …Let’s see how you like this…!

Ivan bends his finger inside me.  The tip of the hook takes aim at the walnut-sized pulsating sweet spot inside me.

If he pushes with everything he’s got…  If he does…

Ivan: Here, right?  You want me to press here?  …Say it.

Gian: Urgh…!
I can’t stand it anymore and I start moving on my own.  Just once!  Just once is enough.  I just need Ivan’s finger to hit the spot.

The final jolt I’d been waiting for runs through my abdomen.

Gian: …Ngaah…!

I cum without giving Ivan any warning and surprise him.

Ivan: Uwagh!  Don’t just cum out of the blue!

The white liquid that suddenly flies from my tip sprays onto Ivan.  He pulls out the finger deeply embedded into my ass, leaving my bottom half feeling strangely empty.
Gian: …Aah…  I’m still going…  Haah, nngh…
My orgasm continues for an unexpectedly long period of time.  It really is true, what they say about getting it from this end.  You really do go off like a hose.

Ivan: …Shit, you got it all over me!  Fuck!

Gian: Like I … give a damn…

Ivan waits for my panting to slow down.  He’s waiting for the perfect time to throw in some insults.

Of course, I want to avoid that, if possible.

…I hop up as fast as I can, and beam him an unnaturally bright smile as I shake him off.

Gian: Would you look at that, that was some jizzing!  Man, I really went!  Really, Ivan, thank you soo much for giving the magic healing touch!

Ivan: …Wha?

I don’t let an ounce of bother appear on my face and continue on cheerfully.
Gian: They do say that stimulating your prostate is good for erectile dysfunction.  Little Gian here hasn’t been up to par, lately…  Must be all the stress.

Of course, not being able to get stiff is a big, fat lie.  For convenience.  I’m a five-star actor here.
Gian: Thank you ever so much!  Can’t believe you’re doing this all for me!  Grazie milione!

Ivan watches me with “What the fuck is he talking about?” written all over his face.  I shower him with words, not giving him time to cut in.
Gian: …Oh oh oh, if it ever gets this bad again, I’ll be sure to ring you up!  You’re pretty good.  You know, though, even if I am future boss, going this far to ‘service’ me is kinda…

Ivan: No!  Who would…!  That’s not what’s going on!  That’s not what I…

Gian: What?  You’re saying you wouldn’t do it for me again?

Ivan: …Like I would!  Never again!

I tilt my head with a small pout and, probably because he can’t stand anymore of this, Ivan hurries back into the shadow of the trees at a small run.

Managed to avoid that dilemma, yeah.

But, the strange feeling centered around my ass doesn’t disappear.  It’s like a door I was better off leaving closed has been opened…
Gian: It did feel good, but, shit, my ass hurts…

Is this what it feels like to play catcher…?

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Lucky Dog 1 BL Game 18+ Scene

  L U C K Y  D O G  1
Pairing: IvanxGian

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SUBS: Taken from Terracannon876/

… I fall into the world of dreams and spend a few hours there.

I feel a light kick jerk me back to reality.

I don’t have to look to know it’s Ivan.

Before I’d fallen asleep, he’d said to me quietly, “There’s something we need to talk about, alone…”

The time between the silent kicks grows shorter and shorter.  He probably plans to continue jabbing me until I get up.

I give up on ignoring him and sluggishly pull myself up…    

When we step out, Giulio, who’s standing on watch nearby, turns to us.  When he notices I’m with Ivan, his expression turns suspicious.

Ivan: You’re off.

Ivan’s watch is after Giulio’s.

Giulio: It is still … slightly early.  And why is Signor Gian…?

Ivan: Just go!

Gian: it’s the little boy’s room for me.
Ivan snatches the flashlight from Giulio and shoos him into the hut.

Ivan: …Come.

He strides away after giving the command.
Gian: But you’re the watch.  …You fine with that?

Ivan: Just obey me already.

With a high-pressure attitude like that, the only thing I can do is sigh and follow along.

Ivan stops in his tracks when the thicket starts hiding the cabin.  He grabs my arm and his eyes focus on me.

Ivan: …Kneel.  Over there.

Gian: No way.
I immediately reply as casually as I usually do, but Ivan’s expression tightens.

Ivan: Kneel!!  …This is an order.

Ivan: Ivan Fiore’s orders.  Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte, kneel down over there!

…Is he serious?

The moment he brings up the code, I sense just how serious Ivan is.

I bend over and unhesitatingly kneel on the floor.

In the family, obeying those higher in rank is absolute.  If someone higher in rank than you says, “Grovel on the floor and bark like a dog!” then you bark.  If they tell you to die, then you’ve gotta rollover and die.

Of course, if the order’s too unreasonable, then the person who gave the order is called into question.  That’s why it’s actually impossible to give impossible orders.

But, “kneel” isn’t the kind of command that’d show he’s incapable of leading … so I can’t disobey it.  Kneeling and bowing with your head down to the ground is basic proof of your obedience.

Ivan: That’s right.  Finally remember where you belong?

I respond with as rebellious a glare as I can muster.

Ivan’s lips twist, like he’s enjoying this.  He knows he stands above me in rank.

Ivan: I won’t tell you to suck up to me.  No, you’re going to show me that with your actions.

As he says this, he fiddles with the front of his pants and takes a step closer to me.

‘Is he going to…?’ I think, and I’m right.

Ivan loosens the front of his pants and, from inside, pulls out his still-soft penis with a flop.

Ivan: Suck me off.  You’re the bitch here.

The dick he’d pulled out approaches my face.

I give in to my desire to turn away, but I vaguely know where he’s heading with this.

If we get back to Daivan safe and sound, I’m the boss.  Before that happens, he wants to lord over me as humiliatingly as possible.

He wants to create some influence over me.  This way, at least in the future he can mock me with a, “Remember that time you sucked me off?”

Ivan: I haven’t gotten any in a while, and you’re here to relieve me.

Ivan takes another half-step towards me.  Someone else’s crotch’s right in my face.  I want to get it out of my sight, but no can do.

Ivan: What’s wrong?  You look like you don’t want to.

The wad of Ivan’s malice and desire for control whams into me.

I think over my possible actions.

Punch him.  Apologize and say, “I can’t.”  Run.

…None of my options are good.  I can’t go with any of them.
Gian: You telling me to ‘service you’ with my mouth…?
Ivan: That’s right.  Guys do it to get off.  You’ve got experience in prison, don’t you?

No, not at all.  Not once.

If you say you think blowjobs are nasty, no one’s gonna try and get their dick near you.

But with one within breathing distance of my face, words are cheaper than pennies.

Ivan: What, can’t do it?  I’ll let you off if you bow down and beg for forgiveness.

Totally gloating, he waves his junk in my face.

I don’t like that victorious look in his eyes.  I mean, this is Ivan we’re talking about here!

My anger starts bubbling.  Several curses float to the front of my mind … but I leave myself to my impulses and move.

I grab Ivan’s limp penis at the base.

Ivan: …Wha?!
He lets out a pathetic cry.  He probably thinks I’m gonna crush it.

I ignore him and open my mouth, leaning towards the droopy thing.

I give him a good, long lick.

Ivan: You … serious…?

Fuck.  …This is nasty.  It tastes horrible!
Gian: …Ngh…
I make my decision while he’s off-balance and I swallow up about half the length.  His tip jumps in my mouth.

Guh…  It’s fucking musty…  To erase the spreading taste and sharp realization of what I’m actually doing from my mind, I recklessly move my tongue in my mouth.

Ivan: Ah … uagh!  H-Hey?!

What, you thought I’d actually bow down to you?  As I lick around him, I feel victorious, just for a moment.
Gian: Guh … ngh.  Hah…
I push back my disgust.  When I give him a strong suck, I feel him grow even harder than before.  I move the hand that’s holding his base furiously.

Ivan: …Ngh…  Shit, you’re goo-ah…

He raises his voice in a weird hitch.

I may as well go all the way.  I run my tongue over the veins bulging out and thoroughly coat them with spit.

It’s mostly distress driving me by now, but I plan to see this thing through to the end.

This isn’t “service.”  It’s war.  I’ll make you cum and then I’ll laugh in your face ‘cause you couldn’t handle it…!

I purse my lips and start bobbing my head forward and back.  When I do this, Ivan starts moaning uncontrollably.

Ivan: Aaah, you … fucking … bitch…

Gian: Fwut uff, you ffervert.

If he were just a little shorter, I could make fun of him better … but my cheeks are full.  It’s not huge, though.

It’s grown big and I want to take my mouth off, but I just want to get it over with ASAP, so I keep at it.
Gian: Ngh, how … do you like… …Ngh…

Ivan: Uuh … kuh!  Fuck!

Ivan grabs the back of my head and shoves me towards his crotch.

The tip suddenly enters my throat and I feel the urge to hurl.

Gian: …Ngh, guh…  Mngh…
I feel tears welling up at the corner of my eyes at the pain.  It’d be awful if he thinks I’m crying.  I pray he doesn’t notice.

I feel the pulse in Ivan’s penis quicken and the heat grow directly through my mouth.

The pulsating’s gotten pretty strong now.  Maybe it’s almost time…?

I desperately wriggle my tongue around, my eyes climb up, and…

Ivan: Ah … G-Gian…

Ivan’s flushed red.  He’s gone mad with lust, and looks down at me with wet eyes.

It strangely turns me on…
Gian: …Ngh, haa…
Without thinking, I gently bite his shaft.  In the next instance, his penis jumps in my mouth.

Ivan: …I-I’m cumming…!  Agh!

Gian: Ah…!  Ngh!
Stinky, heated fluid gushes out.  It forcefully spits out several sputters that spray all over me.    

Half of it splatters on my face…  I wipe my stained mouth and stand.

I spit out the remaining grassy-smelling liquid from my mouth towards my feet.

Ivan’s looking at me somewhat dazedly, with his softening dick dangling out.

Ivan: You … actually…

Gian: Hmph, you fuc-cough!  Cough!
Just when I was thinking of insulting him, I cough.

I can feel Ivan’s semen clotting in the back of my throat, and it’s making me dizzy.
Gian: …You fucking early bird.  Couldn’t handle it, huh?  I’ll be collecting on this favor someday!  You remember that…
I set off alone.  I head for the well in the back.

I don’t know if Ivan’s shocked or what, but he doesn’t follow.
Gian: Fuck…

I tripped over the most important words.  How uncool.  I’d wanted to insult him to hell and back, too.

And all this after I offered up my mouth virginity to him, too!  It should’ve been my complete and utter victory … but now it just feels like a draw.

I kick a nearby tree.  It doesn’t help relieve my lingering frustration.

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