Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fluffy's Back!!

I missed my yaoi dearly T^T but it feels so nice to get my internet back :D if you were wondering why I hadn't uploaded for so long, it was because I was staying at a friend's house whose house I did not plan to stay at, at least for so long XD I ended up staying....enough to make me depressed from my Yaoi making T^T oh the withdrawel symptoms Dx

so I kind of had no internet for a week xD since I cant go use the computer freely while doing mah business while they were watching >.>   stares*    <.<  but Im glad to say Im back!!! :D just wanted you all to know that Fluffy is alive and horny as ever for gay butt sex so dont you worry >:D I will try to make up for all the videos I planned but didnt get to do T^T aw man... stares at work overload....

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