Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FatFluffy05 is removed!

I have no additional accounts now to use on YouTube.  As I said before I would not use FatFluffy04 until all my flagging strikes go away, in other words I have to wait 6 months before I even start uploading videos to that account again.  Now that FatFluffy05 is suspended I dont have anywhere else to upload. I am so sick of making accounts over and over again, I already have 3 accounts, I do not want to make a 4th one.  But what can I do!  people are such jerks to me! Please bear with my rant.... *sighs* I come home hoping to upload a video today, so I can start a new manga but what the fuck do I find?! urghhh!!! Tell me what to do people! I hate YouTube with a burning sick passion!!! where do I post my videos to other than my blog!!! THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!! CURSE YOU HOMOPHOBES!!!!! MAY YOU DIE 100 TIMES!! I'LL KILL YOU 100 TIMES AND THEN REVIVE YOU AND KILL YOU AGAIN!!!


[EDIT] I've decided to create a private YouTube account for all my future uploads, so people who visit my blog will be able to subscribe to it, (that way only yaoi fans can access it.) The tags for each video will not be as extensive (I will no longer include the titles), in other words videos will be more restricted.

-fluffymellowz- NEW PRIVATE ACCOUNT

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