Sunday, December 9, 2012

Next project has been decided!

After 1,124 votes on 41 suggestions from 178 people with my yaoi poll I've finally come down to a decision, with the highest majority votes :D

Punch Up Drama CD- Kano Shiuko 

All 4 of them!! ekekeke, I had my fill of listening to the very ecchi sounds, and I am not let down! at all! As a matter of fact, if I had myself a penis it would be very up! >:3 gosh this post has gone awry again Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ

my gawd the seiyuus for this...!!!! NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS FEELING! 
who is voicing these to hot packages? snickers*
Gray san - and ahem Asami sama (the original...Hnnng!! spasms*) both so manly~ 
(gasp* revelation* T-Theyre being unfaithful to Natsu/Akhito?! T-To-TOGETHER?!)

now who is top here...fuuuuu wicked thoughts I give for you to have!! oho, ohohohoo~ *nasty laughter* runneth away* just think of the voices invading my mind as screams of ecstasy fill my ears!! IM! so hopeless T^T

megane fellow on the right I respect so much, my fellow kindred spirit, the tears of joy and snot are overflowing from this hentai-yaro face as I type. Such fiery passionate emotions for perversion!! This man talks my language! ಥ_ಥ I cant thank him enough for doing such dirty things in bed, and the shower, and plenty of other areas for secret business that I probably forgot about.  MY SOURCE FOR DIRTY PLEASURE COMES FROM YOU SIR! >w< 
He's so horny, just like me! (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ proud* <-- something to be proud about??

I want to upload a video for them so bad!! Right nao! But I must be faithful to my other projects as well, Elektel Delusion has gone far to neglected, I will try to upload really soon, soon, really really soon :) I really want to.....Want. To. CRY WHY!!  Why can't I have free time!!!

So, I, Fluffy shall announce, after the next Elektel video, I will begin Punch Up :D some time, right before or during christmas break~~ (I've been cloaked in red by the gods to deliver presents to you, children~ ne don't you want my present, take it *jam in face* nice grownup presents)

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