Sunday, January 13, 2013

Youtube uploads suspended?!

Fluffy comes back from vacation and she gets suspension in return? nothing like the youtube police to get up in your ass haha :) ( im not really smiling...)

so what happens now.
the youtube account that is suspended from flag is current one that I am uploading videos with:  
I will not be able to upload to youtube for 2 weeks

This is my 2nd flag, Echoskies07 is on thin ice T^T

Does this mean I will stop uploading?
No, I will still be making videos, but I wont be able to upload to youtube, I will still be uploading to my dailymotion account and I will keep adding videos to this blog, I must keep my children fed!! I KNOW YOUR STRUGGLE!!!!

I do have some good news in this time of darkness >:)
Echoskies69 is now flag free, yeaaaa~ 
the first time in my whole youtube career that I have gotten away with a new clean slate for more dirty ditributions of man sex fufu... I WANT GOLD MEDAL!! YOU CANT GET RID OF ME!! shake fist* 
too bad I still cant upload anything longer than 15 minutes due to copyright strike. T^T

I hope everyone had a fantastic christmas break like I did...*sarcastic cough* :)

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  1. You are a terrible person!
    It's bad enough that you are impersonating Fluffy, but what's worse is that you literally STOLE everything you are displaying here from her site!! EVERYTHING!! You're so disgusting! Stop this nonsense immediately!!