Monday, October 8, 2012

FatFluffy04 gone!

yea.... so my youtube account just got deleted guys T^T ahahaha...uhuhuhuhuuuu~ umm
scratches head*

V I D E O S  R E M O V E D  F R O M  Y O U T U B E
from FatFluffy04 account

     -Critical Lovers- [Complete]        -Akuma no Himitsu- [Complete]

     -Honto Yajuu- [Complete]         -Viewfinder- [Parts before 15]

-BrotherxBrother- [Parts before 7]

I wont be reposting these videos to YouTube ( there are too many D: and I dont have the files with me right now T^T
but~ you can still watch them here, and in my Dailymotion account - FatFluffy03

sad face....I only had a few days till all my flags were gone from that account and someone had to go destroy my hopes and dreams....THAT FUCKER!!!

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