Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fluffy is suspended..again

So you know what that means, I wont be able to post videos on YouTube for another 2 weeks... and I don't understand if YouTube is reviewing my videos, because critical lovers part 2 has no sexual content at all...yet it was flagged and removed.

you can watch Critical Lovers part 2 here.

Meanwhile, I will try to get a appeal :( maybe they will listen to me...

I just got an appeal decision, and YouTube decided to go with its original opinion so now I have 2 strikes on my account. I don't want to get my FatFluffy03 account terminated like all the rest of my previous accounts, so I won't be uploading there anymore.

I'll be moving to FatFluffy04 for my future uploads, and I'll be uploading here as well. So please subscribe! :)

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